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Luca Lavorgna

Holding a Degree com laude in Dentistry and Prosthesis in 2005, he specializes in Periodontology and
Prosthodontics in Italy and abroad under the guidance of important Experts.
As a Member of AIOP (Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry), SIDP (Italian Society of Periodontology), EFP
(European Federation of Periodontology), EPA (Europan Prosthodontic Association) and as Active Member
of DDS (Digital Dentistry Society) and DDA (Digital Dental Academy), he provides high-profile consultancy to
various Private Practices which he collaborates with.
Founding member of SIPRO (Italian Society of Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation).
In 2017 he founded Just Digital srl, a company that aims to research and develop innovations and operational
protocols in the digital field aimed at computer-guided implantology, cosmetic dentistry and regenerative
He lectures as Visiting Professor at the universities of Foggia, Napoli, Bari, Messina and Valencia in
He holds conferences and lectures as OPL for important Companies in the fields of Oral Surgery, Implantology
and Digital Dentistry.
He is the founder and CEO of Odontosynergy, a modern learning center for Dentists in Telese Terme, where
he also operates as Periodontologist and Prosthodontist.

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