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Abd Elsalam Askary

Dr. Abdelsalam Askary is currently maintaining a private practice limited to periodontics, dental implants and oral reconstruction in Alexandria, Egypt.  Dr. Elaskary is a visiting lecturer at University of New York. Dr. Elaskary has contributed with two text books to the field of dental Implantology, “Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery”.  As well as “fundamentals of esthetic implant dentistry” published by Wiley –Blackwell. DR Elaskary is an editorial advisory board member for the smile dental journal and a society editor for the Implant dentistry journal. Dr. Elaskary is the current president of the Arab society of oral Implantology in Cairo and a founding board member of the Arabian academy of aesthetic dentistry, an active member, fellow and the vice president of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).