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Marie Marklund

Marie Marklund

Department of Odontology. Umea University. Umea – Sweden.

Marie Marklund, DDS, PhD works at the University Clinic in Umeå, Sweden. Her interest in snoring and sleep apnea started 36 yrs ago during a course in nitrous oxide sedation, when she got the idea to test an activator on her snoring husband. The treatment was very successful and became the start of a long collaboration with the Pulmonary Department at Umeå University with research about treatment effects, side-effects, cardiovascular effects and longer term outcomes of OAs. Marie Marklund has collaborated with Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium. She has lectured extensively over the world including many keynote lectures and published many articles about OA treatment for OSA, including book chapters and two Task Forces for the European Respiratory Society. She has been a board member of the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and has worked in the program committee for the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Marie Marklund is the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from The Interdisciplinary Belgian Dental Surgery Sleep Medicine Academy, the 2018 Honorary Member Award and the 2008 Pierre Robin Award from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the 2014 Meier-Ewert Award from the Deutsche Gesellschaft Zahnärztliche Schlafmedizin, and the 2008 Traffic Award from the Swedish transport company, Bilfrakt.


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